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What is UMI ? Earn up to 40% per month on UMI cryptocurrency

What is UMI

UMI is a universal monetary instrument It’s innovative decentralized cryptocurrency allowing you to make virtually instant, free, and completely secure transfers.

UMI is the only cryptocurrency employing the staking technology based on a smart contract enabling network users to unite to build structures and increase their amount of coins by up to 40 % a month by simply storing them in their wallets.

For details, go to the website, read the Whitepaper (in detail).

Why do you need this cryptocurrency?

UMI is a real alternative to the existing financial system. It provides every person on the planet with an opportunity to participate in the “creation of new digital money” and make instant, secure, and free transactions.

The widespread use of UMI can change most aspects of society in different areas. The emergence of UMI can fundamentally change production, trade, logistics, and absolutely all financial arrangements.

The global decentralized network intends to grow and expand. UMI`s goal is to create the world`s strongest community comprising billions of users from all over the globe.

How fast are transactions?

UMI ensures virtually immediate transactions 24/7 to anywhere in the world through knowledgeable optimization and master nodes using the Proof-of-Authority technology. The UMI network is 300 times faster than the Bitcoin network. It can process about 1,000-4,369 transactions per second and will strive to outclass VISA and MasterCard ultrahigh-speed payments systems.

What are the fees?

None. The UMI network charges no transaction fee whatsoever. Each transfer is totally free-of-charge. It doesn`t matter where and how many coins you send. This is achieved through the Proof-of-Authority technology and the unique model of DDoS protection.

Who can use UMI?

Anyone. Anyone can do this regardless of their country of residence, age, type of employment, political views, or religion. All this doesn`t matter. What`s important is that you`re a human being, hence, you can use this new cryptocurrency. The UMI team intends to develop a community in all countries of the world where digital money is legal.

Why is UMI better than other cryptocurrencies and payment systems?

UMI is a universal money instrument capable of becoming an international means of payment No. 1 all over the world. This network significantly outclasses cryptocurrencies and fiat systems in all key payment characteristics. See the comparison table:

System BTC ETH LTC PayPal XRP (Ripple) VISA UMI
Speed (transactions per second) 10 20 70 200 1,500 24,000 1,000-4,369
International transfer fee (average) $1+ $1+ $1+ 3,4%-4,9% of the amount $1+ 1-10% of the amount (>= 10$) No fees
Secure transfer waiting time (average) 30 min - 2 hours 15 min 10 min A few seconds A few seconds A few seconds A few seconds
Security Very high High High High High Low Maximum
No verification Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Decentralization Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Earning opportunities (mining/staking) Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Easily scalable No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transparency (open source code) Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
High-tech (smart contracts) Yes No No No No Yes
Convenience No No No Yes No Yes Yes

How can I earn with UMI?

The Staking technology helps UMI holders unite in structures and multiply the coins they own by simply storing them in their wallets. Staking is based on smart contracts. It`s a new-generation mining that is available to anyone and does not require energy expenses.

How much can I earn?

The more coins are used for staking, the higher reward is received by the entire structure and, accordingly, by each participant. Staking rewards are accrued every second, 24/7 regardless of where you are and what you are doing. The reward amount depends directly on the structure size. The ROY CLUB is the largest staking structure.

Structure size (total number of UMI coins) Monthly increase (min) Monthly increase (max)
50,000 5% 9%
100,000 10% 14%
500,000 15% 19%
1,000,000 20% 24%
5,000,000 25% 29%
10,000,000 30% 34%
50,000,000 31% 35%
100,000,000 32% 36%
500,000,000 34% 38%
1,000,000,000 36% 40%

Increase Profits by Mining UMI with ROY CLUB

How to start ?

1. Create A UMI wallet

2. Buy UMI

3. Join the ROY Club

4. Start UMI staking

5. Multiply your coins up to 40% per month

6. Build a team and receive bonuse

Note: You get your personal address inside the ROY Club structure and transfer coins there. Despite participating in staking, your coins remain in your wallet , which only you have access to. All income immediately goes into your hands.

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